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Air Flow Meter for Cold Air / Gases

Air Flow meters are useful in measuring Air Flows in Ducts and pipes. These flow sensors are very sensitive and hence gives us the data in very accurate manner.

Air Flow meters are equipped with Best quality Air Velocity Transmitter and Flow Indicator cum Totaliser. These Flow Transmitters are ideal for accurate ventilation control applications. They are operating on an innovative hot film anemometer principle. The thin film sensor in transmitter guarantees very good accuracy at low air velocity, which is not possible for conventional anemometers with commercial temperature sensors or NTC bead thermistors. Moreover the sensor is much more insensitive to dust and dirt than all other anemometer principles. Which given high reliability and low maintenance costs.

The Transmitters are available with current and voltage output. The measuring range and the response time can be selected with jumpers by the user in the transmitter and the Flow Indicator cum totaliser also comes with user settable Measuring Range.

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