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We Provide Best Quality Products to suit industrial Standards.

Non Contact InfraRed Temperature Transmitter

  • Range -20 Deg C to 3000 Deg C
  • Rugged Coated Silicon Optics
  • Usable up to 75 Deg C without cooling
  • Scalable Analog output

Non Contact InfraRed Temperature Gun

  • Range -50 Deg C to 2200 Deg C
  • Good Response Time
  • High D-S Ratio for better Accuracy
  • Scalable Emissivity
  • Useful for
  • Industrial Use
  • Medical Use
  • Colour and Coating Contractors

Temperature Datalogger

Temperature Datalogger is mainly used for Temperature Datalogging during storage or transportation of Food stuff, medicine

Temperature Transmitter

  • Suitable for Remote Transmission of Temperature
  • Available in Head Mount & Panel Mount
  • Suitable for Thermocouple or RTD Input Signal
  • 2 Wire Operation / 4 Wire Operation

PID Temperature Controller

  • Various Models suiting various Price Ranges
  • 3 digit or 4 digit models as per Customer requirement
  • Fast Delivery
  • Economical Price

Temperature Sensor

  • RTD
  • Thermo couple J, K, T
  • Compensating Cables


We manufacture various types of Heaters for Industries.
  • Immersion Heater
  • HD Cartridge Heater
  • Mica Aluminum Band Heater
  • Mica Band Heater
  • Micro Coil Heater
  • Aluminum Casting Heater
  • Stripe Heater
  • Bobbin Heater
  • Ceramic Band Heater
  • Ceramic Power saving Heater
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